So i tried recording yesterday through a line in and the sound quality sucked balls. I plugged the guitar and bass into the computers mic outlet using a 1/4-1/8 converter i got from radio shack. I thought at first that it was my cheap set up but apparently it works great for some ppl. now i got my computer around 2000 so is it just time for a sound card upgrade or what?
sounds like time for a new computer.

do you have a line in in addition to just a mic in?
i use a Vypyr and plugged it through my mic in and it kinda sucked, but then tried the line in and it was much better.
i use acid pro 7 and just plug the guitars right in. I do all the eqing and effects for bass on there. and i use pedals into the computer for guitar effects. and i know, but im 15 and poor. lol
I think you'll have a hard time finding stuff that'll work good in a comp from 2000... but who knows? :

I think you'd better off with a brand new computer
You like it
You might try acmebargig.com's effects, DIG and BIG is two amp sims you need for a price nobody can beat, FREE.

I think those LINE-6 cards for 100-200 dollars might work for direct input, but not for mic'ing.
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2000? wow- you may just need a new computer- it might not be worth the money to upgrade/make repairs when you can get a new one for a decent price now.

Yea, computer prices is falling and you can get great pc's for low price, take a comparision from 2002 - 2009, in 2002 i gat a bad laptop (500mhz, 500mb ram and 32gb hard drive) for a sum of almost 3000 dollars, now there are computers with 4 gb ram and 2-3ghz for under 1000 dollars. remember im from norway, comps are probably cheaper in the US.

But laptops most probably usually have bad soundcards, so if you're mic'ing drums or need many inputs running at once, make sure it has a firewire and spend 400-500 dollars on a soundcard, or if you do it digitally you can get a soundcard with a decent input for vst amp models and such for 100-200 dollars. Just take a look on musicansfriend and read reviews.
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