I'm in need of some, really. After putting a new set of strings on my MIA strat a couple days ago, I've noticed that when I bend any string more than a half step, the string's tuning peg seems to "click"? I don't know how to describe it, it's as if the string is ever-so-slightly tightening on the peg. Now what I need to know is how I can fix this, or rather, is it the product of a crappy winding or are the tuners cheap and should be replaced? Would the complete unwinding of the strings and then rewinding (hopefully tighter) maybe solve this? Problem is, it happens on every string, even when I bend the lower strings, so I'm fearful it may be a quality issue. :S

Any help?
Same thing happens with me.

I can tell you haven't properly stretched your strings. It's not the tuners.
Be sure when you put the string on (this is how I do it) that you wrap the string around the pole until it's taut, which will be 3 to 4 wraps. Then put your finger under the string at the 3rd fret and gently lift the string and tighten, keeping the same height until the string is getting really tight.

You also do not want to overlap the strings while winding them. Its frustrating, I know. But try to keep your strings in tight coils.

It's probably not the tuners, unless bending your strings totally detunes them.
Yeah I stretch when I restring, and have restretched (and retuned!) several times since, but what you said about the string overlapping when winding is probably what it is. I was kind of in a rush for time so wound as quick as I could! :P

Thanks alot, I guess I'll try restringing her.