hey so i was mucking around with my phaser today, and i put it After my distortion for a change and it sounded totally sweet, much better then before one problem though, when im using it after distortion, it gives quite a large and noticable boost in volume for both clean and dirty sounds.

is this normal for most phasers to increase the volume? When it was before the distortion pedal it didnt give this boost. Any Ideas? Its a cheapy Arion Stereo Phaser btw.

Thanks alot
Usually modulation effects (like phasers) go into the amp's effects loop - so they're in between the preamp and power amp stages. Putting your phaser after the distortion is also a common method - generally distortion is the first effect applied. The volume boost is just due to the ordering of the pedals - there is volume being added on by your distortion, and the phaser is augmenting that more noticeably because the gain is stepped up even more before it enters the phaser.
Your phaser increases volume because of its poor design. Any good pedal will give you unity gain or the optional level control.


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