I jus started writing lyrics for my band a couple weeks ago and this is one of the first ones I wrote. tell me what you think.

I'm A Monster

I am a monster yes I am
Now come and catch me if you can
I’ll kill your people and take your land
This just might be your last stand

I attack you at the stroke of midnight
Your village will be filled with freight
My claws will rip your body of its meat
The taste of your blood is oh so sweet

You chase me out to the open fields
Surrounding me with your swords and shields
You wish to fight me to the death
I will take you on until my last breath

Aware of the damage I can make
You fix my head upon a steak
For everyone else there to see
So they can stand and laugh at me
But it is not over for me yet
I will have my vengeance you can bet
My brothers and sisters are planning to strike
You will experience their strength and might
They will fill your life with bodies of the dead
And then they will come back for my head

The stories that your kids will tell
Say that you might as well as be in hell
You will try to ask for them to stop
My siblings won’t give you a second thought
the lyrics seem anywhere from below average-alright....

but it depends on what genre it is and the breaks you take between lines, verses so the lyrics can matter, but the way you actually want to sing/scream that song is what will make it better or worse.

what i mean by that is take a listen at Repeating Yesterday by As I Lay Dying
the breaks he takes between words and doesn't just keep screaming like Corey Taylor of Slipknot who by the way is an amazing vocalist. But what i'm basically just trying to say is that the lyrics can be bad for a country song but they can be excellent for a genre of heavy metal or anything so you have to figure out what pitch you will sing/scream the song in...hope you can make this into a great song.
interesting concepts and ideas. i will add that you shouldnt try to force the rhyme as it makes it seem kind of choppy. but overall pretty decent i suppose. and just stick with it, you're lyrics will get better (though im not a very good lyricist either)

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