I'm curious to see how many people here get by with relatively few pedals - on the order of 1-3. I came out of my Mars-Volta phase about a year ago (I had a chorus, flanger, wah, phaser, two delays, three distortion boxes, and a noise canceler) and I'm now down to a clean boost (SD pickup booster) and a Boss DD-6. I've never been happier with my sound, too.

Anyone else found that they get to "good" tone easier with fewer pedals?
It's not about "tone", it's about the possibilities. You can't get delays with an overdrive pedal, sorry. The music played by some requires lots of effects and cannot be done the same way with such a minimal setup.


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Well, I have about five pedals, but I'm looking to get some more soon...
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these days im just using my guitar straight into my amp, or maybe a single pedal. now usually i run at least one pedal, and my full rig has like 5 or 6. its not that my pedals really kill my tone (well, not much) but more that i trip over them when they are out. or maybe its because i havent unpacked from school yet (and its been 2 months). however i love having the possibilities of my full set of pedals, there are times when i would end up making songs (even covers) sound completly new and interesting just by using some pedals and trying things out.

but yes, for a lot of straight up rock stuff i find all i need is an amp set to the verge of overdrive and picking dynamics. so i get by with very few pedals at times.
I don't use any pedals most of the time, just straight into my amp. Sometimes if I'm bored, I'll plug in my Maxon OD808, but that's it. I haven't had to use a noise suppressor since I bought it for my 5150.
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I have owned probably over 75 pedals/effects over the past year. I write my best music going guitar > delay > amp.

It's nice to have the option of adding sound as you see fit, but I try not to let the sound effects take over the substance of my music, unless I'm doing more experimental stuff.


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I agree pedals arent necessary for a great tone I have a wah going straight into a Carvin Legacy(same amp as TS) I am very happy with my sound though I plan to buy an overdrive, delay and a chorus pedal but thats still only 4 pedals
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i have a large board of quite a lot of FX but they don't make a basis of my tone - the one thing i try to keep is the sound of the guitar and the amp as the foundations of it, most of the time the FX are used as little extra things that aren't essential but add a little bit to it. the way i see it is if i can't go without pedals without people noticing something missing from the sound, i'm doing something wrong. i'd happily use nothing but a guitar and an amp - maybe a clean boost to push the amp a bit harder where needed..
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
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You can't get delays with an overdrive pedal, sorry.

You'll see. You'll all see.
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I have a wah, OD, and a delay. Want a Digitech whammy for some cool sounds tho.
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Does it count if I play a Line6?...

(Before you all go off the handle on me, it's a Axsys212, the precursor to the Vetta. It actually has some pretty nice tones in it.
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I'm very happy with just having the wah (essential), OD (VERY essential) and EQ (less essential but still really good) but somewhere down the line i would like to get a delay and perhaps a fuzz.

Simple is good though
My current setup is Guitar -> Devi Ever Disaster Fuzz -> Bad Monkey -> Volume pedal -> DL-4 -> Holy Grail -> Amp.

And, by Harmony Central standards at least, that's not many pedals.

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I have a real small pedalboard. I have never really liked masking great OD with alot of effects. I have an OD, distortion, wah, compressor and a delay and thats it (besides a tuner and noise suppressor).
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90% of the time i use the OD only but i have wah, chorus, reverb and delay wich i really use little. planning on getting more, even if i dont use much i like having a lot of sounds to play with.
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lots of cheap pedals
I use loads of different effects, but I have a T.C Electronic multi effects. My main tone is generally one small delay for rhythm sounds and two delays for a lead sound, I rarely use any other effects on my driven tone except wah. Crunch and clean are another matter though.
Recently I have had no effects, just a straight input. The most I've had is 2, being a Fuzz and a Reverb, and before that I had a Valvetronix which speaks for itself. I think about 50% of me was being a "purist", and the other half just couldn't afford any more at the time. I generally wouldn't have any more than 5 or 6, only for the reason that I would never get my money's worth out of some of the more obscure pedals. I couldn't see myself getting something like a Q-Tron (Envelope Filter, right?) and using it enough to justify having paid the money for it in the long run.
I love messing with lots of pedals but at some point I'll get bored.
Then I strip my board down to: Tuner, OD, EQ + Delay and start again.
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The most I ever use is 4. Wah, OD, and then fuzz and distortion (I don't know why I have a fuzz pedal AND a distortion pedal, that's just how I've always done it). But its always handy to have lots of effects pedals, you never know when you're gonna need them.
I used to use a GNX2 with tones of modeleing and crazy transitions of settings bwtween patches midsong.

Eventually i wanted to simply so i ditched the GNX2 and now i have
a Line6 DL-4 AT ALL TIMES.
a Digitech whammy when im writing or when im gigging.
a fuzz factory when im experimenting with noise, though i hardly gig with it.

my rig is very simple, but there are a lot of sounds possible. I could get a filter of somekind, but i think i will go without for a while.
The most I would ever have would be a
and thats five so its not a ton, but right now I just have a wah
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My current setup is Guitar -> Devi Ever Disaster Fuzz -> Bad Monkey -> Volume pedal -> DL-4 -> Holy Grail -> Amp.

And, by Harmony Central standards at least, that's not many pedals.

This is a GREAT setup. So simple, yet it covers just about everything, with the right amp of course.
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Three fuzzes (silicon ff, tonebender, and a heavier kind of muff-esque) with a low-mid gain od. Trem/verb onboard the amp(s). Just need a germanium ff, analog delay for slapbacks and an aby. All necessary imo, and nothing extra laying around

Where's the real ming?
what the point of having money if you cant blow it all on pedals?
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Silicon get more of a sputtery effect, I found germaniums to be a little warmer sounding, less harsh, smoother might be a good word. Silicon was a little brighter, has a little more gain, and gets a little more spluttery, but at the end of the day there was lots of variation between two different fuzzes using the same kind of transistors, so it really depends on the circuits as well. Check analogman's site and compare the nkt275 sun face (ge) to the bc108(si).
Apparently germanium and silicon diodes also alter the sound quite a lot, so that's a whole other avenue to explore.
(Joking aside) I use a wah, a TS, an EQ, and a delay. Adding a fuzz, a phaser, and a chorus though.
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Hell, I am an effects junkie !!!!!!!!!!! The more the better !!!!!!!!!!!!