So, I've always wanted an American Strat, and my chance has come.

I've got an opportunity to buy an american standard strat for $450 (a steal, I know)... only problem is... it's a lefty.

I know the simple answer would be to flip it 'hendrix-style', but I wasn't sure if there were any problems that came along with doing that. Is there anyone out there who's had a bad experience with it? Lemme know.
Well just the obvious ones are you won't be able to get to the higher frets, you wouldn't be able to use the trem, and the controls won't be easy access. But those things are some of the things that make strats great and you won't have the ability to take advantage of them. I say just get the righty version.
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Learn to play upside down?

I think you might have to get it set up, but other than that, it should be fine.
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Are there any other big players that flipped theirs (other than hendrix, obviously). There's a guy who tours with Clapton that has it flipped (I think he plays it upside down).
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you won't be able to get to the higher frets

Jimi. You have a decent point though.

you wouldn't be able to use the trem

Jimi and Stevie Ray. Also, easily switchable.

and the controls won't be easy access..

Very true.

Personally I'd buy it for $450, resell it for $650 an buy a used righty.

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As a lefty whos played righty strats upside down I can tell you, you will hate it upside down. If you played it exclusively and got used to the set up might be ok. But everytime you play that guitar you will forget the output jack is in the way, and the vol knob is right where you want to rest your hand for palm muting. And the balance sucks. Someone said buy it then sell it to a lefty. Problem with that is it might take a while to find a lefty who wants it. Ive been to many music stores and they have the same lefty strats hanging on the walls for years collecting dust.
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Personally I'd buy it for $450, resell it for $650 an buy a used righty.


Although if you're set on getting the lefty, switch out the nut for a right one. That's just about the only thing you can actually do to the guitar (Without routing and so on), to make it more righty.
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Relocate the strap pin as well? That as well as a new nut and you have a playable lefty guitar for right handers.