I'm wanting to get a drum machine, and I'm thinking of getting the addictive drums program.

If I did get that, what kind of cable would I hook the computer to a speaker with, and would I use it through a PA system or a guitar amp?

And if there is a better alternative to the program that is in the same price range, what is it and what would I need to buy to support it?
You would go from the 1/8th inch Headphone jack of the computer to a standard mono 1/4 inch jack (like on your guitar cable). It would sound best through PA but could be used through a guitar amp.

Alternatively, if you can find a used SR-16 theyre a pretty awesome drum machine for the price-- I got mine for $50 bucks, and it sounds pretty great and is pretty simple to work-- the downloadable instruction manual is really well written and useful. And, you can make the footswitch to Start/Stop, switch patterns, and tap tempo for 20 bucks worth of parts at Radioshack. If anyone wants to know how to do this I can post pics and a Schem of the one I did.

Edit: another pro to a drum machine vs a computer program is portability, unless you have a laptop.
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I would go with the SR 16 as well mine was 80 bucks used and is fairly easy to use and sounds good
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