I need a new guitar, cause I have a cheap $80 one I've been playing for a while. I'm jsut looking for a guitar that is good for playing Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and all sort of classic rock. I would like it to have both humbuckers and single coil pickups. Thanks for any help!
well zeppelin's page plays a les paul, hendrix plays a strat....so u gotta make up ur mind :P

IMHO strats are more versitile and sounds better clean so id get a mexi strat...
^ This is a good choice for what you play.
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I second the MIM strat. Also you may want to look int teles if you like both group's earlier stuff; Zoso used a tele on Zeppelin I and occasionally on the next few albums, and Jimi used a Broadcaster borrowed from Noel for some of the tracks on Are You Experienced?.

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i was gonna say tele too cuz theyre sexy but not everyone likes them
Ibanez RG with HSH pickup configuration? Basswood is tonally in between strats and LPs, and with the 5-way switch, you can sound close to anyone.
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Standard MIM HSS Strat, definitely.
Telecaster 2nd, mainly because they look great, but I'm not entirely sure how they fit the 80's classic rock sound.

But play them both before you buy.