im planning on getting one of these
but if i were to practice with this. Would i be able to switch from clean to a distorted sound while playing as if i had a peedal like "one" from metallica?
I have a toneport ux1 so it's the same principle, and unless you run your guitar through a pedal into the interface you won't be able to quickly switch between clean and distortion. I guess if you were quick enough you could change presets on your computer but otherwise there isn't another option.
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i guess i found out why people hate it, because they dont know how to use it and because they've never seen the 6 channels. now whenever i see someone insult spiders, im thinking to myself "stupid n00b..." it's really a great amp.
Get a POD 2.0 and the $100 floorboard to go with it. You could get that for $160ish if you go used, and you can practice, record, switch channels easily, its portable, etc etc etc
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No, it's meant for recording and thus does not have footswitching capabilities (as far as I know).


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