Hey all. I've been looking into rounding out my gear with a good dual humbucker guitar for quite a while now, but only recently had the funds to do so. I'm looking to spend around 400 dollars. I'm just looking to get the best quality out of that 400 dollars.

I will be using this guitar for more overdriven blues, and rock (probably no metal). I already have a SSS strat for everything else. I will be playing it through a Crate V18 212 amp, with a Bad Monkey overdrive pedal, and a Morley Bad Horsie wah pedal.

I am currently looking into the Epiphone Les Paul studio or an Agile AL-3100 . From what I have heard that Agile has the epiphone beat on all sides, but I really don't have the knowledge about this sort of stuff to make an informed decision. So does anyone have any suggestions for getting the most bang for my buck?
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Yep the Agile is a good way to go and they are reliable from what I hear and the owner is friendly so if anything happens I guess you will be covered.