I'm sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum. please re-direct me to the correct forum if needed

Okay, so I'm writing a song. I play rhythm guitar.

I have a chord progression that Starts with D Maj. (2-3-2 on the top (bottom?) three strings)

After that, I switch to a chord that I don't know. The purpose of this Thread is to Identify this chord.

The chord goes: 2-2-2 on the top (bottom? idk...) strings.
In other words, you just shift your finger over from a regular D Maj. chord

I'm assuming that this chord is a variation of D, seeing as how it is so close to D Maj.

If anyone knows what this chord is, please let me know.

If I have made up a chord, well, idk.

I guess I'm just that awesome

Haha, thanks in advance
The chord you're searching for is D Maj7. (D, F#, A, C#)

By the way, I think the bottom strings usually refers to the thicker ones.
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It's a Dmaj7 chord.
Quote by Ninjaplz
I'm assuming that this chord is a variation of D, seeing as how it is so close to D Maj.

Not always, it could end up being an inversion of a different chord. In this case it isn't but changing only one note doesn't always keep the same root note.
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that's what I was thinking, but I was playing with my friend, and I was tuning to his guitar (it was in tune, mine wasn't) and I asked him to play his top note, and he played low E.

So I just wanted to make sure that I'm not being retarded

And thanks for the chord, I searched everywhere and couldn't find chord charts for a D that looked like that

but i searched Dmaj7 chord in google, and got that

thank you so much!
I'm thinking Dmaj7? I'm not sure, haven't played in a while. But that sounds right. Haffun playing.
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Thank you, I plugged in the notes I was playing.

And when it's only on the top three strings, 2-2-2, it's considered an F# minor chord
Yeah, out of context, and with only those three notes (A, C#, F#), you can't really tell whether it's a Dmaj7 or an F#m, although it does have an F#, and not a D. With only those three notes, out of context, I'd say it's an F#m. What do the bass and lead guitar play?
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well, I'm not really in a band yet...
I just make chord progressions and share them with my friends

But for now, my friend (lead) will play a pattern with an E power chord (E-B-E) going up the strings, then a D on the third note (kinda like in BOC Don't Fear the Reaper, he pulls his finger off of the A to go down to a G)
Then the same pattern on a G power chord
Then back down to E
Then... well. we're stuck there

my chord progression is E Maj (power chord)
Then a G Maj open chord
Then a D Maj chord on the top three (A-D-F#)
Then an A Maj (E-A-C#)

then you repeat
I know it's not a great song, but it's my first real song type thing...

It's hard being a rhythm guitarist for me now
everyone that I know that has a band has: a lead, a rhythm, and drums...
no bass, just the three