Hey everyone, I'm a little new here so I thought a good way for people to get to know me a little is to know my music so here I am promoting the band I play drums for (since the band I play guitar for has no music recorded so I didnt make a myspace)

Our first EP (The Bridge) which was recorded 2 weeks ago under our old band name "AS SHE CRIED" is up on it and they are all Metalcore songs with the exception of "When They Fall" which is more along the lines of Deathcore.

The full-length that we are working on (probably still going to be indie) is what we like to call "Eclectic Metal". We will be playing SEVERAL sub genres of Death Metal, the core we like (only 3 subgenres...there are too many) and flat out Death Metal. We're mainly staying on the lines of Technical Death Metal, Death Metal, Mathcore, and a lil Deathcore.

If you have any questions (which I'm sure you don't for a newbie) feel free to ask.


-Tom Weil