So i know theres an Ultimate Settings thread. But my question hasn't been answered all day, so im sorry, im going to post it here

Hey guys. Im looking for two specific tones out of my Vypyr

1. Hedley
ex. Street Fight

Hand Grenade

2. Marianas Trench
ex. All to myself

Also, my guitar is Agile AL-3100 . . . if that helps.
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You do realise that because these type of topics are banned in the GG+A doesn't mean you have to come to EG to post these threads. Anyway this isn't going to go very far so i'll just say keep playing with your amp until you get something that resembles it.
I posted it in the Ultimate Settings thread actually. And i've tried, the thing is the vypyr has so many different amp model . and im not very good at fidiling around in the right direction.