Hey all. At the moment I am playing a Fender Standard strat through Crate V18 212 with a bad monkey overdrive and a Morley Bad Horsie wah in front of it. If anyone has played through one of these amps they can tell you there are some problems to be had with them. The three biggest complaints are usually:

1. They are very bassy amps
2. It can get pretty muddy when you push the drive up past 2 o'clock
3. The reverb can be garbage when turned up

My question to all of you is this. Is it worth putting in new tubes and speakers? Should I just go get a new amp or do you think the V18 212 has the potential to be a fantastic amp given the chance?

If you think I should replace some stuff, what would you recommend? I play mostly blues/alt/grunge/classic rock, so any tubes/speakers that work well there would be great.
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ill try and find a schematic for other possible mods.
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Try Celestion V30s. They pretty much always sound awesome.
And Tubes may make a difference, get it done and see as long as you have the money.
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Not dual Vintage 30's, get two different speakers. A Vintage 30 and a G12H30 would be a good combo for your crate.
You might want to just get a 2x12 cabinet instead though, because then if you get a new amp you can use the cab with it.
sorry, i don't know much about gear customization. What does getting two different kinds of speakers accomplish, i would think two matching speakers would give a more even tone. Also, i was under the impression i could run a head through the speakers in the combo amp.
Unless you can get speakers fairly cheap, I say new amp. one 12 inch speaker is like $100 plus shipping/handling. A used good tube combo is $500+. sounds like you don't like your amp at all. Go buy one off craigslist. Economy sucks ass, so I see $2000 guitars for $900 OBO mint condition all the time. Take advantage and reap the benefits of other people's shortcomings. New amp!!

Just my opinion.. And two different speakers will get you both tones and basically mix them together.. Like one obviously will have a different EQ, but you can't hear two different speakers because both will be projecting the same sound at the exact same time, but with a slightly different EQ.

And you play blues.... Mud/bassiness=not bad at all. Pickups?
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i wasn't very clear with my description. I actually really dig the amp most of the time, it's just when I push it into certain areas it starts to fall short. The pickups are just the stock fender standard strat pups.