I have about £500 and want a guitar with neck and bridge pickups, setneck/neck though, 24 frets and dont want a floyd..i will go into a shop to have a look and play some but i just want an idea of what to try, thanks
There's Schecter, LTD that make a few models that suit your requirements but i'm not too sure of their pricing.
PRS makes a affordable SE (see sig for my Singlecut) they also make a tremolo version (i was tempted to get this one, it was orange) about 600 dollars US

But straight metal go Carvin, Jackson, LTD, Schecter, ESP, Ibanez, BC Rich, Dean, Hamer, Washburn, Michael Kelley.

Idk how much money you have in US dollars to help
Look at Godin Redline HB or if you can stretch a little bit in budget, the Redline 2 which has EMG 81/85. I can't find detail of construction yet but the Godin site will tell soon, I suppose.
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Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX (It uses Active Seymour Duncan Blackouts, Ebony Fretboard and looks terrific)
Washburn X50 Pro. It can, and will, play any genre of music you require (As long as you have a halfway decent amp).
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