k i know i probably get some frowns for this but im broke and until i get a job i wont have a better guitar but i have bc rich masterpiece bich replaced the pickups with stock ones from lespaul studio for now it sounds way better but i was wondering how you would think emgs or Seymour Duncan blackouts would sound in it

bc rich bich masterpiece
laney protube aor 50
ampeg v412-bc cab
jekyll and hyde v2 pedal
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what type of sounds do you want?
i would personly go for a dimarzio super distortion or somthing.

or a dimarzio X2N

but thats me and mah metulz.
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EMGs ftw. I have had EMGs and Blackouts in the same guitar and the Blackouts don't come close. You shouldn't have to route for the battery either, BC Rich has pretty big control cavities. If you play metal, then deff. go with EMGs. Or check out a SD JB/Jazz combo, thats always sick.
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