Hello Everyone,

I wondered if you guys could give me some advice. I began learning guitar this year and just bought a cheap dreadnought fender cd 60 not knowing much about guitars but want to upgrade to a better guitar now I know a bit more about what I wish to achieve.

I have this simon and patrick mini jumbo in mind:

What do you think?

Do you think this is a good mid priced guitar?

I am getting into styles like eric mongrain, andy mckee, don ross etc so basically fingerstyle with percussive techniques.

Could you recommend any other guitars that may be suitable for me?
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It should be a good guitar. Seagull, it's sister company makes quite a mean mini jumbo, so this one should be a great guitar as well. They're actually made in the exact same factory too.
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Yeah, that's very similar to the S&P Folk that I'm buying tommorow! Similar sound... I just picked the folk 'cause it already fits in one of my cases, a mini jumbo would mean new case Anyways... good mid range guitars, and Canadian Made
I never have difficulty 'performing' it right away with whistles, hums, 'grunts' and percussion.