Im currently working my ass off at work to get enough money for my next guitar. My current guitar is a fender strat but I want something else beside it. Im a songwriter and as we speak I am forming a band. The sound could be best decribed as Pop-/Alternative-rock like. I like to tweak sounds, use lots of effects and have many options whenever I write or play songs. For that reason Im looking for a guitar with a Floyd Rose and 23-24 Frets because I like the wide range.

2 Guitars have so far catched my eyes:


Great white look


2. http://www.rockpalace.com/product/ESP-LTD-EC1000FR-Deluxe-See-Thru-Black

Looks gorgeous aswell.

Do you guys have any more suggestions/tips?

hope you can help, bye
24 frets and a floyd rose hmmm I wonder how many guitars that could be. What's your budget and current amp?
Quote by DavidBenyamin
budget: 1000-1400 euros. Amp: Fender De-Ville + Mesa Boogie

Ah yeah that's alright then given that and your music style the guitars are good but not too sure on the pickups and how well they do pop/alternative rock