Hello Fellow UGers!
I, well me and my friend, have a problem. We play and sing music (well I play guitar and she sings), but we are despretly needing songs to play. So far we have learnt to play & sing "Broken Strings" by James Morrison and "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. We are soon learning "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus, but we need more songs to learn. So please can you suggest some songs? We prefer acoustic songs, thus this being posted in the Acoustic Forum. So please suggest.
Wild horses-Rolling stones
Angie-Rolling Stones
Wish you were here-Pink Floyd
Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton
Patience-Guns n Roses

Good Luck with your gigs
you could always do some paramore acoustics or versaemerge, evanescences (dunno if they have any acoustics though except broken but thats with seether) or you could just do some acoustic songs with guy singers and add your own touch to it. good bands with acoustics bfmv staind theres a pop goes acoustic 1 and 2 from fearless records