*I apologize for the walls of text in advance*

So I bought a Pod X3 Live and have to say that I'm really ecstatic with the whole thing, but I have some questions just because I've never used a pedalboard that's so extensive and naturally am running into some problems that the manual can't answer. For those of you who have used this pedal and can answer these queries, please do:

1)is there a unit bypass? I realize I could just have one of the preprogrammed settings (like "D") always set to a saved user setting that has no effects or models on, but that would take up a bank in each of the programmable 32 slots and would be wasteful and pointless if there were a bypass. I'm also running it through my Amp head's FX loop, so I can bypass it that way, but if there were a unit bypass I could run it straight into the amp and put the FX loop to better use.

2)I use a peavey XXX and guitars that have EMG's, so feedback is an issue. I've been using the pedal's noise gate to try and cut down excess while keeping max sustain. It's been working, but lately I've gotten more into the pedal's array of synth filters and have noticed that I have to turn the mix well past 50% to really hear the effect. The problem is I turn the effect on and off a lot and the volume is obviously louder since more of the guitar signal is coming through with the effect off... my question: does this have something to do with the noise gate? If not, what should I do to get the most out of my synth filters since I can't balance them well with the mix?

3)I have a Line EX-1 which can function as a second pedal for this board. The thing is, I don't know how to set it's limits...does anyone? It never increases anything except "mix" as much as I want it to, and I'm sure it can be done...

Thanks for reading, and thanks even more if you can help me
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