About a girl who will play violin one day for me. drunk 4am girlfriend asleep in bed while i'm writing this scribblings. enjoy.

God, Girls, and Whatnot, story of my life

Down where your violin roars
Like lions in a cage
Like lovers in a squabble
Like a bear looking up a tree
Shrieking out with blood thirsty rage

I shook hands with your kind of music
And your kind of music shook hands back
While your head was shivering
And the sweat was streaming
Down your low cut blue tank top
And dripping off your slender young fingers
Onto the dark floor

Down where your violin screams
Like Prometheus after seeing the sun rise
Like Moses in the dessert, talking to god with sand lodged down in the back of his throat

I made love with your kind of music
And your kind of music made love back
While the thunderstorm struck around the house
Shattered the windows and shook the door frame
We were safe in the basement
Surrounded by the most beautiful fright
Your hand on your bow
And our names being whispered throughout the night
Moses talked to God in a desert, if i remember correctly. Unless this was the great Dessert God, then of course, my bad

I'm reading a book at the moment. Its about a female mathemation who falls in love with a violinist, and this poem reminds me greatly of the story of this book.