I was looking in my local bargain hunter under musical instruments, and saw an ad for a "1970's Fender Twin" for $650. I've been wanting a good clean tube amp for a while, but the Twin Reverb brand new is out of my budget, is this amp worth the price the guy put on it? And will this amp suit my clean tube needs?
I don't really have a link, it's on a newspaper, aha.
I've never heard of any personal experience with this amp, so i just want to see if it's worth my time to drive an hour to try it out.
Twin Reverb is the majesty of cleans. Being a 70s though its probably Silverface twin (the blackfaces ones are the best) Find out the exactly age of the amp so that you can look up what the board was during that time. Then find out if anything has been replaced, preferably have him open it while you are there and take a look at it. You should be able to tell if anything has been replaced recently (everything should have a somewhat duller collor because of the age, new parts will be obviously bright).

But for clean amps this cant be beat.
i'm guessing theres a number on the ad, otherwise how the heck would you contact the guy whose selling it? call the number, say you're interested but you'd like to test it beforehand to make sure everythings in working order and such.
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I plan on trying it, just wanted some opinions before driving for an hour.
It kinda seems too good to be true considering the cost of a new Twin is over twice the price of this guys asking price, even though he's selling a vintage amp.
Yeah that's pretty good, but (as mentioned) give a nice trial. Do as much research as you can on the amp. Being more than 30 years old some components might be in need of replacement.
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the twin re-issue is nothing like the old ones.

and im guessing by the price that it is a late 70s model (probably 75+). The more close to the blackface era you get the more expensive its gets. 69-71 SF's for the most part still had the bf circuit so they are worth nearly as much as a real bf. They range from 900-1500 depending on the condition. So a 78 one for 700 is not that bad from what i can see. I would recommend if you buy it to take it to a tech. That might run you 150-200 bucks for bench time and replacement parts.
Alright, thanks for the help guys, I'll make sure to check out the mentioned things, year, wiring, replaced components, etc. Does anyone know what it would cost to fully replace the tubes in an amp approximately?
Tubes are not too expensive, probably around 100 bucks for a full retube. But there may be parts that need to be replaced in the amp. My old Super Reverb had a melted tube socket that cause it to arc and short out.

Oh a big thing i would recommend is getting the electrical plug changed to a 3 prong so that you dont electrocute yourself.