probably a stupid question but...
i just got a new crybaby a few days ago. i tried it out using it with a 9 volt adapter from another pedal i have and it seemed to work fine, but someone told me that your not supposed to use adapters that arent made for that specific pedal. it does mention a specific adapter in the instructions for the wah pedal, but i just figured they were all the same as long as its a 9 volt.
so do i really need to get the one dunlop made or can i just any kind of 9 volt adapter?
any 9V will do. 200mA and up.
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as long as it's center-negative, it should work. it did work, so i'm assuming it was center-negative, so....shouldn't be a problem. does the tone change at all when you use the adapter?
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The 1 Spot adapters by Visual Sound are great...

I bought one yesterday for my Ibanez SM7. It's finally great not having to worry about batteries dieing and having to unplug the leads from my pedal.
It's just bollocks to try and make you buy Dunlop's overpriced adapters, of course they'd say that. I use a cheap 9V centre-negative with a daisy chain to power 4 pedals, no problem.