I use one of the black Dunlop 2mm picks with an alligator on it, called 'gator-grips' and I like the size and shape (beveled edge), but the problem is it's a bit rough (they're made to be non-slip), so it makes a scratchy sound against the strings. I've got some Jazz III and Jazz II picks and they don't make the scratchy sound coz they're smooth nylon, but I don't like the sound that they do produce, just the lack of scratchy noise. And they're harder to strum with and don't sound as aggressive as the gator-grip.

So I need one that's got the best of both worlds, about 2mm, rigid, beveled edge, same shape and size, but with a smoother surface like the nylon ones. I've tried a whole bunch of Tortex ones but they're too flexible. It doesn't have to be exactly same shape and all but the closer the better thanks
Might be for bass or something, but they're smooth, rigid, and thick ( ). Just thought it would be worth checking out if a dealer's close, maybe you can try some.

I'm sure there are other options as well, I'm not hip to all that jive
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Definitely not for bass, although I suppose a bass player could use one.

V-picks are great, they give off a nice chime, and played right, they won't chirp like some heavy picks.

Best thing, though, is the way they train your picking style from a typical angle or slant, to a more straight on picking.

Feels weird at first, but after a while, you end up going a lot faster and cleaner than before.

Yeah, they're pricey, so get a little case for them...