In mah profile <---- Okies I made 3 hard rock/metal songs in GarageBand recently-ish you only have to judge one really but you can judge them all if you want they are listed as Garage Band 2, 3, and 4 here is a basic description of each so you could pick more easeh.

GarageBand Song 2- the most recent, it would probably be like a hard rock song if vocals were added. it heavily focuses on the synths and not so much guitar.

GarageBand Song 3- Probably would be a Alt. Metal/Industrial Metal song. It's very crunchy if you will xD. It actually has a big focus on the drums and bass but it also has the best guitar solo I was ever able to make in garagband so I is happy.

GarageBand Song 4- this took the longest to make and it is also the shortest song I made, though it is in 6/8 so it was a little trickier to create.

and i dont care if "this isn't metAl olololol" it's just the first thing I thought to classify it.
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