How do these guys windmill and headbang furiously through an entire concert? I watched an amon amarth concert on dvd, and the guitarists where windmilling and headbanging crazily for almost the whole thing, I figured it had to be hard to do, so I tried it, playing along to a few songs with the volume turned up, while headbanging and windmilling, and it wasn't too bad, but everytime I stopped for a second I was pretty dizzy...

well, this is worse than being dizzy. after only like 10 minutes of headbanging and windmilling heavily I now feel sick to my stomach, have a slight headache and am fairly sweaty. How the hell do people do that for a whole concert?

and has anyone else tried this? do you get used to it after a while or something?

Edit: I wasn't trying to make a joke, that's really the answer.
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they practice for hours in the opposite direction, so when it's time for the concert they do not get dizzy.
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lol, forgot I made this thread, so I'm not the only one? I thought maybe it was just because I never do any physical activity at all and have poor stamina lol
Besides getting dizzy and tired, I also find its sometimes hard to coordinate headbanging and playing the guitar at the same time. Meh
i honestly dont know. I tried it for 5 minutes and had to sit down and take some paracetemol.
Also, dont their necks hurt like so bad after windmilling for so long?
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It's the atmosphere and adrenalin of it all. You just don't feel anything but the music and the crowd roaring.

Your neck feels like crap as soon as you leave the stage though. lol
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Adrenaline from playing live shows. People can do things never though possible with pumped up on adrenaline.

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You can headbang for forty minutes easily; you only feel the pain once you stop.
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