So im selling my 8 string and ive been offered £500, now i would love a proper fender tele but it'd have to have a bucker in the bridge (72 deluxe). I also have a chance to buy an old marshall and have it modded for me which would be like my dream amp, only problem with that is the wait and distance i got to travel and the extra money... Or i could just wait for a used JVM to pop up which is lookin like my fav option right now. Although i already have two good amps.

I've slept on it a few times but i just dont know. What would you guys do?
If it's worth waiting for the amp, wait. God knows I've bought my fair share of expensive stuff I really wasn't all that happy with, just because I couldn't be bothered to wait.
Also, if you already have two good amp, why not sell 1 or 2 of them to get the extra money for your dream amp? You don't need 3 good amps, you need like tops 2, if you're running separate amps for clean/OD.
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