Music with an eastern feel, inspired by Karl Sander's (Nile's guitarist) solo albums

Comments appreciated
Jorneying The East - Play

Critique for critique is doable too lol
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man I love nile, my favorite metal band easily. what specifically were you looking for critique on? I feel like this is compositionally awesome, its really layered and varied. Its a little chromatic in the early stages; while theres nothing wrong with that, it detracts a bit from the eastern feel you seemed to be going for and makes it sound a bit more like an experimental piece. Overall this is MUCH more layed back than NILE and definetly hits on he same sort of writing niche that Karl Sanders albums do, which is what you were going for. As far as emulating that, you did an excellent job.
I think it goes without saying that the samples/MIDI you are using are sub-par (what exactly are you using?); if you could keep the drum/precussion stuff and record this with your own guitars/basses/whatever you want it would be 1000x better, because like I said, compositionally, its quite interesting and unique. I would say to do that if you can; even if you dont have the skills to do the more complicated solo parts, it would still be SO much better with live instruments, if only coz theres so many interesting melodies.
Overall I think this is an excellent sketch and you should definetly continue working on it.
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I worked on it for ages and I think it has a similar eastern vibe that Sander's music does, although not quite as minor or chromatic.