I was always under the impression that a ESP KH-602 and KH-2 KIRK HAMMETT SIGNATURE SERIES GUITAR had two EMG 81's but on the ESP website, and they few other places they advertise it with EMG 60 in the neck! Which is right! does it have two 81's or 81 60 ???????????
Looks like they've changed it recently it did come with 2 EMG 81's but now it's an 81 and 60.
i couldve swore it was 2 81's but than again things do change, but than i dont see why they would do such a thing.
I thought it originally came with a 81/85 combo.

Either way it will sound like every other guitar with EMG's
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No, it used to come with dual 81s.

So the latest ones then come with 81 60 ?
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So the latest ones then come with 81 60 ?

Yes that is what the website states.
They frequently change the pickups on guitars, they did the same with Alexis model to Blackouts, but yeah the old KH guitars had 2 81s
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Kirk used to use 81/81, but now with his new sig models, he switched one to a 60