I play Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock.
I have a MIM Strat and Epi Les Paul.
I am playing my blackstar 5w all the time now.
I sold my blues jr and have some cash saved.

Would the mesa express 5:25 1x12 be a good fit?

(It's either that or a gibson les paul studio.)

Thanks for any advise or suggestions.
sell your epi and get an LP Traditional or Standard - you will regret buying the Studio later when you could have afforded the standard. The 5w blackstar is a great little amp, and TBH the Mesa 5:25s are regarded by many as a failure my mesa. If you really like the stats, see if you can find an F-30 Used.
I like the standard idea.
(budget is lacking)

Home use only.

The appeal for me is the 5/25w option.
Is it like a marshall haze for mesa?

My blackstar is really nice but lacking a little bass
and I don't really need the metal sound, I wish it
had the option for a liittle less gain sometimes.

What 1x12 speaker would really help the blackstar?
(I like G12h and V30 sound clips)

I would like to just have one amp for now.

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If you can't try one, don't get the mesa. Some people like them but I thought they were just awful. They're not nearly as versatile as most other mesa amps and the sound quality is just embarrassing for an amp that price.
the mesa f-30 is an awesome amp. it will do classic rock, blues, and into metal territories. its also a 2 channel amp for lots of versatility. check out ebay for really good deals on them. and vintage 30's are a great compliment to either your blackstar or mesa.
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Thanks, I will watch for a mesa f-30.

I think GC has the mesa express to try.
Should I try out a peavey classic 30?

Any ideas less than 30watts?

I like the Vintage 30, If I have a 1x12 16ohm
Can I just order the v30 16ohm and drop it in?

Thanks again.
Vox AC15? And any 16ohm speaker that will fit in the cabinet will work, as long as it's rated for at least 25-30 watts.