i got my original crybaby for 20 bucks, its a pretty standard choice
It's a great wah pedal, but I just got done returning my third one. The employee was surprised that it wasn't working, but I didn't do anything other than press it down. I dunno.

Has a nice wah though.
I got a used Ibanez weeping demon for around $70 from a local shop. It has tons of options for adjustment.
no, they aren't very versitile and i find them to be lacking in sweep, i'd steer clear of them unless you plan on modding it.

You should either spend the extra twenty dollars to get the 95Q (Dunlop) or get a Vox for ninety-one hundred dollars if your looking for that classic wah tone.

if you want something more modern with more adjustability get the weeping demon, you can find it as low as $99 brand new
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They're pretty solid, not versatile in the slightest though. Pretty standard bit of gear.

If you can afford a 535Q or something, you'd be better off with that. Otherwise, yeah, they're not bad.
The Crybaby Original is pretty good for classic rock, blues, funk, but it's not good for metal. I'd say get an I banez Weeping Demon. It's great for everything because you can shape your wah sound with it. If you can afford a Dunlop 535Q then get that. There's also the 95Q which has a switchless design that some people prefer.
Don't forget Morley! I'm getting the Power Wah/Volume used for $50, you just gotta know how to look for deals.
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