Hi all!

I'm selling my guitar amp, a mint condition Laney LV300 with footswitch. Very versatile indeed. Just read the reviews all over the net! Currently I don't use it enough to warrant it taking up the space it does, and would rather it was at a loving home and put to use as it really is lovely, and a beefy 120 watts! I've made sure it's spick and span, and is perfect condition for ther buyer. It's only for pick-up unless you're willing to pay extortionate fees for postage, in IP33 1YQ, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Check on google maps. I'm selling at £200, a good £80 less than new, and as it's pretty perfect condition, that's a gooood price! Get in contact on PM or reply to this post.

I'm also selling my Shure SM57, only used once or twice, perfect condition, with a lead, for £80 including P&P. Still has pouch, lovely mike! Reviews, again are great.

Along with this, i'm getting rid of my Samson CO2 condenser pair, in original casing, only used once, perfect condition. They come with shock mounts, and it's a shame to see them go! £85 inc. P&P!

Software-wise, I have Synthogy's 'Ivory Italian Grand', a piano-based VST. Bought new at £90, it's been opened, I looked at the instructions, and then realised my computer was too old to run it. I can only recommend people with relatively fast computers run this. I'm selling at £80, inclusive of P&P.

So, to recap;

LANEY LV300 - £200 (Pick up only, or P&P if you're prepared to pay)
SHURE SM57 - £80
SAMSON CO2 - £85

Thanks all, PM me if interested!
The Shure and the Samson Pair have gone now, so only the Laney LV300 is available, along with the Synthogy.

Thanks for viewing.