Hello, i have some money saved up and would like a new distortion pedal, my amp is a Peavy valveking and my guitar is a Epiphone sg 400 custom, i dont want a new amp so please don't recommend me a new one. My favorite tones are-

Adam Jones- Tool
Mikael Åkerfeldt- Opeth
John Petrucci- Dream Theater
André Olbrich- Blind Guardian
Claudio Sanchez- Coheed and Cambria
Brent Hinds- Mastodon

I have noticed that a few of these guys use Messa Boogie amps and Marshall amps so i would like a tone like there's i have seen a few pedals that copy there sounds for example a Sansamp gt2, can anyone give me an opinion on this pedal or other pedals like it. My budget is about £100-£150. Many thanks, Ben.
Get a new speaker, some new tubes, a digitech badmonkey and an overdrive pedal.
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Get a new speaker, some new tubes, a digitech badmonkey and an overdrive pedal.

Digitech Bad Monkey IS an overdrive pedal...

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Thanks for the reply but i don't rely want to modify my amp. Sorry if i didn't make this clear.
Sorry dude, but extra distortion's gonna be pretty fizzy through stock. If you won't swap the speaker and tubes, just get an eq to take out some muddiness and shape your tone and a BadMonkey for more gain.
Seriously, a new speaker will make the biggest difference. Its increadibly easy to swap and totally reversable.
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As a Valveking owner, and having done these myself, I recommend you get a new speaker and an equalizer pedal.

The EQ basically would allow you to boost and cut the frequencies the amp puts out and gives you more ability to shape how the amp sounds, and trust me, you won't believe the difference when it's off.

The VK's stock speaker isn't very clear; a speaker swap for the VK is like taking a blanket off of the amp.
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