I recorded this awhile ago and put it up around the same time but in going back over it I feel like its finished, though i guess it could use a bass. Anyways, if you like bands like Katatonia and Tool, you will probably like this too, its called "...Start Over From The Beginning" and its on my profile:


I tried to make the lyrics both relevant to my experiences as well as metaphysical in a general sense (i.e. about things we cant see LOL)

C4C is definetly a go if you let me know which song in your post.
I like the tone you used in this one, the guitar sounds great, and how you echoed the voice, that added a pertty cool touch. This song did give me the chills though, so I think you got what you were going for. The voice could come up a bit, but I dont know if that will take the feel away.

EDIT: c4c look at the song wait in line, it cuts off at the end though.
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"Wait in line" has a very thrash feel to it, you have a good grasp of when to use muting and I appreciate the fact that it was made of more than just drop-d chords. Especially the bending. You should try getting a good drum machine and adding some rhythm to your tracks because you have great timing and come up with some really cool riffs