I didnt know whether this should go here, as they are probably more pop than rock, but there is a Beatles thread so I thought, why not...

Anyhoo, the Beach Boys are in my opinion one of the greatest bands of all time, and at their best they can easily compare to anyone else, even the Beatles. Pet Sounds is regarded by many as the greatest album of all time (having topped countless polls including rolling stones and mojos) and SMiLE is regarded as the holy grail of music - the greatest album that never was.

But people often forget that there is more to the Beach Boys than Pet Sounds and Smile. Obviously they had a string of groundbreaking and well known singles (I get around, California girls, good vibrations etc) but they also released some classic albums. Sunflower and Today are thought by many to be as good as Pet Sounds, and All Summer Long is undoubtably THE summer pop album. And there 70's career holds up a lot better than most other 60's bands, with albums like Friends and Love you now being cult classics.

There impact on modern music is also often overlooked. For example they were one of the main influences on the Ramones (who later covered Beach Boy songs like Surfin Safari) and indeed they share many similarities with that band. Simple 2 minute pop songs with a fast beat and catchy energy. They also influenced everyone from the Shins, to the Arctic Monkeys.

So, what are your opinions on this band? favourite songs? favourite albums? best band of the 60's? best band of all time?
I think they're great. Pet Sounds is certainly one of the best albums ever and I love Wild Honey nearly as much. I started out not having a lot of interest in their earlier stuff, but it's hard to not enjoy it. Just simple, fast and catchy- like you said.

I saw the current Beach Boys lineup a couple weeks ago and it was one of the most fun shows I've ever seen. I got Bruce's set list too.

Certainly one of the greatest pop bands of all time- the amount of amazing material they've put out is insane. I mean not too many bands from the early 60s had their biggest hit in the late 80s!
Hey, I'm Mike.
I love their singles, there more upbeat ones anyways. I have Pet Sounds, and for some reason I just can't get into it. I like God Only Knows and Sloop John B, along with a few others, but other than that, not for me.
What does everyone think of Smiley Smile? I have trouble getting into most of it. I think Wild Honey is a much better album.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Don't mind me I'm just picking up the pieces of my brain, I just listened to Pet Sounds for the first time. My next purchase will be that or Piper At The Gate Of Dawn. Imagine if SMiLE was finished though. I know Brian went back at finished it a while back, but I'm talking about finished back then the way it was supposed to be.
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