Im into heavy metal and rock, not on a high budget (400-600) i want something that plays with a nice tone on clean and distorted with a cool look. also with a locking nut and floyd rose tremolo with emgs. any help?
check out sheckters i think there called
some people seem to like them and i think they come stocked with emgs
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FYI...with EMG's you will not have a nice clean and distorted sound. They are very generic sounding PU's unless you have a quality amp to go along with them.

Just out of curiousity...why do you want EMG's?

Also...will this be your first guitar? If so I would stay away from a guitar with a floyde.
btw EMGs wont make a big enough difference in tone if you have a crappy amp
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oh my god blunt... thats amazing i just cant find the price

They are around the $800usd mark so just a bit out of your budget. Alternatively you could buy a Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe it's just a bit over your budget but it comes with a floyd rose and if you grab last years model it came with EMG active pickups although through your amp maybe you should think about sticking with passive pickups for the time or investing money for a new amp and a new guitar.