Hey, I'm a fairly experianced guitarist, I've been playing for years, and i'm the lead vocalist/rythmn guitarist. For my band this dying sequel. We have to step up our game because our lead guitarist is leaving. The primary guitar tuning we use is in CGCFAD for the majority of our songs, We have our second guitars tuned in Either standard half step down or drop d down a half step. And we have our acoustics in standard.

Now, While i'm quite a good guitarist, if im gonna step it up and take my playing to a new level i need to practice some fairly tough songs so i can be used to playing fast while doing vocals. I can play things such as This war is ours by escape the fate (solos included) laid to rest by lamb of god (not hard but fun) ect.

So please can you suggest me songs that are in the playing range of intermediate to advanced in those tunings it would be great. Electric or acoustic songs as longs as their in Drop C, standard or d down a half step, only suggest songs that are standard if they are acoustic please. Thanks!
Anything by Killswitch Engage, most stuff by Darkest Hour, As I Lay Dying, and Misery Signals is in Drop C.

Drop C#, who can forget System of a Down. Not the hardest stuff but still good.

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i know that disturbed is tuned in drop c, and for drop d down a half step, try scream and almost easy by avenged sevenfold
For drop d down half step, there's always Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana.
Dave Grohl, Jack White and Josh Homme.
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