Hello everyone!

I have used the ME-50 for about a year now... And I do like it. It's just... I feel like I could get almost ANY tone, but find it really hard to get the tone I want. I also mainly only use the Distortion pedal, sometimes completely ignoring the other settings.

So, would somebody be able to advise me on how to get the most out of the Effects Unit?

i had the same problem with my line6 pod xt live, always got close to the tone i wished for, but never exactly
i got a good amp and new pedals, and it changed everything

i think the amp has a lot to do with it, i had a cube 15 and it sounded so-so in it.

edit: woah lol i also used a yamaha pacifica 012 with it =p
interesting i'm running a pacifica 112 into mine :p

I agree with the above - i was running into a 15w peavey thing for ages and could just get a sound - definitely a decent sound - but not any more than that. I have since got a decent sized valve combo and discovered that a lot of what i wanted out of my sound should be coming from my amp not my pedals.

for now though - adding a little bit of chorus to it, it should give you a bit more of a 'solid' sound. i think there is also a website that has loads of recommended settings for it. i'll go check
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Hmm, I'm running it through a Cube 30X, which probably isn't the best choice considering it's a modeling amp...