Hey guys ,first of all "hey thumbs up" !!! awsome site ,cool users !!!wow !!

i'm new here ,but i'm not new with guitars ! it's been like 2 years that i've been playin !!

i've got a great teacher ,and he is also one of my friends

but here's the thing : when i started playing i didn't know anything about guitars .but my tutor taught me how to think about music and about guitars and then he said i'v taught you everything i knew !from now on you should go your own way !thanks to him i've been practicing some scales chords patterns,been practicing troy stetina methods lead and rythm guitar volume 1 .my teacher didn't really taught me the theories of music ,i mean he taught me but not in papers just on the fretboard !
so a few days ago i just realized that i know something about guitars i can play a little but i don't know what to do anymore ! i mean i'm sort of confused ,i don't know when and what to do ? i don't know how much should i learn music theories cauze you know when it goes deeper you must appreciate much better and all
and i don't really have a pattern for exercising !
i mean when i wake up and i wanna exercise where should i start ?
what should i do to see a little more progress going on

thanks again guys

looking forward
well, there is plenty of stuff around here in the lessons if your looking for music theory help
as far as practicing technique a good place to start is in the guitar technique forum and read the stickies, they have threads dedicated to explaining everything and lessons and songs to practice them with, you might also find some helpful info in the lessons section too

also there plenty of willing people around here in the forums who will help you with anything if you just ask
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I think the community should help you out. I've got a bit of exploring to do as well...
thx justin ! you're right ! i should have seen this forum along time ago!!!

and hey to you too doubloon good luck