1st draft, wording not always perfect.

You balanced that thick book right on top of your head
It was full of saviours, definitions and a long list of the dead
You been carrying it around telling everyone what you read
But you still are not sure what it meant.

You saw two shadows for strangers, plugging their ears,
Impersonating each other whilst trying to disappear
Shouting in the same language the exact weight of ai
But neither understood or could hear.

There was a black-coat-skeleton who swapped your soul for a sin
As a slanted St. Paul poured you another drink
And your lover won't talk to you, the windows all have bars in
And is it me or is it freezing?

So four swollen judges beat their hammers on your back
As you wrestle your image you have an anxiety attack
As you slip from the estimate down to the exact
You say: "I am not him, let me go back".

There was a King dressed in rags; but he swore he was the same man
And his words made my body burn, so now I just read everything I can
I tried to fall in love, I tried to settle down
But I couldn't stop these escape plans

So could you tell me whose in charge here, who is the steward or Prince
Of all these animals, angels, lepers and twins
Have they always existed, when did this all begin?
And can you tell me when does it end?

Because today is tomorrow, and yesterday did not happen
The new moon is just the old one, you can tell by how it limps
Over that spiral-horizon, upon this you can depend
Not on gods, or gold or men.

'Cause these rooms may change colour, and these crooks may be thieves,
It's just like a ball that keeps rolling, it's the shades of autumn's leaves
But when this poison piano sings its songs to me
It becomes quite clear who stays and who leaves.

So are you tired of these places, are you tired of these faces
Before you ever learnt their names?
Oh my,
Isn't that a shame.