I buy a capo, a capo for classical guitar, but i want one for western guitar, before i buy it, i didn't know that classical and western(electric) guitars have differents capos

so, can i use the capo on my western guitar?

the capo i bought was that one : click
youre good to go
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yeah you're fine. i think i have that exact one, actually.
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ususally, the differnce is due to different styles of guitars having different fretboard widths. Think you're good to go with the one you bought, assuming it is a comfortable size - not too big, not too small.
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thanks, i'll use that one then...

capo is a little bit big, but not too much, but i think i have to be careful with the place to put my capo on the fret board... right in the middle..

one more time thank you