Hey everyone,
I have a C-1 FR Schecter, i recently purchased an Original Floyd rose to replace the licensed one and there may need to be a small cut made to fit it in (see picture) because the licensed is angled and the original has a straight cut. I'd really rather not have to pay to route out such a small piece if at all possible. What would be the best way to do this? Dremel? Sanding? Thanks everyone a lot! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I dont think sanding will be the best option, you may not achieve a straight edge that way, and you could flake of a bit of laquer.
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what would you suggest the best way to go about making that one little angle straight would be then? and where would the laquer be flaking?
The laquer might flake where you'd be going into the body with sand paper. I dont know exactly how you could do it, maybe a router? Have you tried dropping the new floyd in yet?
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no not yet, its going to be in tomorrow i was just concerned about that when i saw it, it might fit afterall but it was just a pre-concern.
Well, if the OFR won't drop right in, then you could use the LFR cutout and create a template of it into 1/2" plywood or similar using a hand router with a flush cutting bit that has a top mounted bearing. Take your template and use that to make those angles straight. Once you're satisfied with the shape and fit of the template. Clamp the template over the LFR cutout and use your hand router to remove thsoe angles but this time use a flush cutting bit with a bottom mounted bearing.

I hope that made sence, i'm leaving work so I'm typing fast. I'll check back later.
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oooooh thats a good idea. i saw a dremel tool that i can buy routing bits for, do you think that would work? or i saw somewhere else you can use an electric drill and be really careful? how much would a hand router run?
it should fit. the route on the guitar should be square. as far as i remember the C-1 FR that i was about to get had a square route... but if yours is angled, then you could use a drill press, a hand drill would be rather risky. but a router would be best. and used routers go for $20-200USD. and $70-400USD new.
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Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your input I really appreciate it. I just got the Floyd in and it JUST fits its in there perfectly. Thank you guys though very much. I'll post some pics of it later!
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