How good should you be before you start trying to form or look for a band? I mean obviously you should be able to play a few songs well for an audition, but really how good should you be before trying to pursue a band? I've never been in a band before and I'm really not all that great at playing guitar, but I can throw together a few licks, just sometimes they don't sound the greatest tonality wise or I'll hit an extra string here and there.

I guess my question is how long should you play and how comfortable should you be with playing and techniques before stepping out and trying to further yourself beyond just playing alone and practicing?

Not sure if this is the right forum, but it has to do with techniques and ability levels so I figured this would be an OK forum.
It depends entirely on what sort of music you want to write/play

I think most importantly its about how much you know about music, if you're good with scales and theory n all that, then it doesnt matter whether or not you play perfectly; the technique is something that will come in time by itself, probably much quicker if ur in a band than if ur not
For me, I started as an intermediate because I wanted an excuse to play with my friends and write new stuff. Its completely up to you and how comfortable you are with it all
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it doesn't matter how good you are. Someone else could play lead, and you could take rhythm. or if you want to play lead and you really suck, call yourselves experimental or progressive, and people will think your racous noisemakings are innovative musicianship (no offense to prog music, i love it). You don't have to be good. music can be very simple. You could start a crap pop band and take the world by storm. And anyway, I find that when I play with a band, i play better and sound better (maybe because the other instruments mask my mistakes). Bottom line, start one anytime. Its good experience trying to work with other musicians, and you will get better. Have Fun
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It depends entirely on the music. If you want to play punk, you can play for just a few months and be alright. If you want to play prog-metal, you should be an advanced player.
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If you can play the songs you want to play live without mistakes and you feel comfortable, then you are ready to start a band. It doesn't matter if you play 3-chords songs or neoclassical shredding, if you can play your songs, whatever they are, you are ready.
if you suck at guitar you can always be in a terrible death metal band, drop c then use one finger
If you can stay in time with a drummer you can start a band.

Song quality might not be that great but you could at least play some cover tunes.
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if you suck at guitar you can always be in a terrible death metal band, drop c then use one finger

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if you suck at guitar you can always be in a terrible nu-/rap- metal(core) band, drop c then use one finger

Learn music theory, if you don't.
It helps a lot when writing stuff.

And, if you can go to an audition, and explain to them that you know how to harmonize, they'll be impressed. And it's also good to know because you can read your chords right away.

Also learn some chord progressions.
And cadences. Basic music theory.
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if you suck at guitar you can always be in a terrible death metal band, drop c then use one finger

It doesn't really matter how good you are, just how confident you are.
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It doesn't really matter, but music theory will help your writing ALOT. Don't listen to the noobs who say it hinders you.
Music theory does help a lot with writing, for example you might come up with one riff and from there you can make an entire sing just about, but I think a lot of people get trapped into formulas and that sort of thing which can really sound uninteresting. Keep creative.
But yeah, simply if you can play the songs you intend to play live pretty much on autopilot then you should be fine.
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If you're with a group, you'll learn things MUCH quicker.

ie. Form or join one whenever, and if they're better than you, learn from them. Say it took them a year to get to their level on their own, it'd probably take you a few months playing with them.
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I only play on stage when I'm really drunk and i make quite a few mistakes and am really sloppy then but no one notices really, so long as you look or act pretty confident you'll come across as better than what you are.

if you think about it, all you need is to be able to play basic open chords and power chords decently and you can play 80% of songs
you shouldn't worry bout your skill all that much, just get drunk and have a laugh with the band

if all else fails "you can always be in a terrible death metal band, drop c then use one finger"!!
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