So what kinda patterns do you guys like? I myself am really partial to pinstripe, Black with grey pinstriping is just so dam sexy in my opinion I've got black and grey pinstripe converse chucks and a black and silver-ish grey pinstripe Iron Fist hat.

I also really like black plaid

so what do you guys like?
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I've got waaaay to many plaid shirts, a kind of stuck in the 90s lumberjack syndrome :S
I'm trying to become classier by slowly transitioning over to striped

other than that, I want paisley to make a comeback
90's for the win! animaniacs, power rangers... oh the memories
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Most of my shirts are solid color or printed. I'm so used to wearing denim pants now that any softer materials feel less substantial and I feel like my junk is in danger.
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suits. cant feel anything but pimptastic in them, so any excuse and i break it out
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I wear way too many striped/plaid button downs. I have a big soft spot for pinstripes and houndstooth too.
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I have that shirt

me too....like pinstripes too

like the classic suit look....and the waistcoat look
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XD not bad

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Check shirts are a huge trend around here, i don't own any, it has occured to me that i only own two jackets (that are suitable for summer at least), both are blazers, one is a fairly loose fitting, solid navy blue one from suits you, the other is a slim, pinstripe one from h&m, i wear both regularly with solid coloured shirts, the pinstripe one goes well with a white shirt i own, which has very subtle black stripes.

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Plaid shirts, pinstriped skirts(for school) and band tees.
My wardrobe ^
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Er....band logos???

i likes my pinstriped shirts
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Screw the recent plaid trend. And motherfuck those bastards who think that plaid is the same thing as flannel. Flannel is a type of clothing. Plaid is a pattern. I've been wearing flannel shirts with plaid patterns since I was 2. It was my favorite shit back then. It's my favorite shit now.
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