I had my new classical guitar that i got from a yard sales string reattatched and it sounds terrible. Do i need to wait for the strings to set or was i suppose to replace all 6. Only replaced the bass string and left the treble there. Direct me to a vid that tells me how to replace them well to would be appreciated
So....Do i need to replace the EBG strings and is the reason it sounds bad cause I need to wait a couple hours? I got the D'Addario Pro Arté strings btw
Okay. I did it and it was very scary. Strings slipped on me like 5 times but I got it. Average time for hard tension strings to settle down?
Depending on how often you play it... from a few days to a few weeks. Do not pull on the strings like you would on a steel string guitar. You have to play them in.
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Excuse me if this is pose to be common sense but so the more you play the fast the string sets?