so I have an epiphone standard les paul. i've had it like 2 and a half years and just recently it keeps going out of tune every 5 minutes. not one string in particular, all of them. its really getting me mad. i got it set up like a month ago (new strings and everything). and i stretched the strings out and blah, but it keeps going out of tune

what could be the problem?
time to sell it
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The nut is the biggest culprit. After that, a good set of locking tuners would help, but isn't necessary.
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probably nut or bridgebeing worn to the point that its just ****ed.. Take it to the shop or some shizz.
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I found your problem.

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Have you put new strings on lately cause if you didn't strech the strings if you put a new set on that could be you're problem or like what Baby Joel said it's most probably your nut or tuners.
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Try putting Big Bends nut sauce (or if your really cheap, pencil lead) in your nut slots next time you change strings.
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I found your problem.

well thank you Mr Dragon 'Skater'

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well thank you Mr Dragon 'Skater'

fuck off

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be a dick.

I dunno, have you had any problems tuning it before? what strings? drop tunings?
That's odd that guitar has Grovers it should stay in tone a fairly good amount of time. Buy some Sperzel locking tuners.
Just put new strings on it if the lst time you did was a month ago. I play really hard, and I have to change 'em every few weeks.
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The nut plays a much larger role in tuning stability than the tuners.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
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Sorry, I wasn't trying to be a dick.

no, haha its my bad im in a pissy mood, especially because i cant play through one song without my guitar going out of tune
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no, haha its my bad im in a pissy mood, especially because i cant play through one song without my guitar going out of tune

oh. sorry. Um... let's see... I don't really know how to fix things with tuning... I've heard about fileing the nut, and oiling the tuners, but thats about it.
Detune the strings and lubricate the nut with graphite (pencils). Make sure you put a lot in it, and you might wanna buy some automatic pencil leads (.5) for the thinner... uh... place where the string goes... thing... on the nut. Do this whenever you change strings and unless your tuners/bridge are/is a piece of crap, you'll never have tuning problems again.
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the screw in the top of the tuners - check there all tight so the tuners aren`t slipping and check the nut that hold the tuning post then check the intonation.

when you put the new strings on did the bridge fall off the posts, if so did you put it on the right way round.

normally when a guitar wont hold it`s tuning despite you doing everything you normally do when changing strings means that somthing has moved at a point where the string is in contact with the guitar.
Put the liquid graphite in the nut slots. Works like a charm and only costs 7 bucks. I've had my Les Paul for 15 years and it just started doing this. This stuff works.
just dont "file" the nut.

if you file it low at the fretboard side, you'll get buzz you wont be able to get rid of.

epi standards are good intermediate guitars.
lubing the string contact points help, like said.
checking that the tuner is on tight, like said.

and locking tuners work and are cheap enough, if it turns out that one of the tuners somehow broke.
like if you hear a ping/slip noise that continues even tho the string has a well lubed path from the saddle to the nut.

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It could be all of this what everybody is saying. Another point I'd like to bring up though is if you changed your strings correctly. Strings that were not changed right will go out of tune very easily.
yeah it could be any of the above...but it might help to narrow it down a bit if you'd mention if they're going sharp or flat.

three points though...it was (a) fine for 2 1/2 years, (b) was just "set up", and (c) all the strings are affected.

Was it a reputable source that did it, and did they mess with the neck/truss rod? If you have feeler gauges, check for any changes in the neck over the course of a few days.
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