This is my first guitar (added a few to the collection since getting this) and i love how it plays. I think it could do with some modifications though. What would you guys suggest. I was thinking maybe new pickups maybe? I'm a bit of a pick up noob so whats good for hard rock ala guns n roses and van halen, I also want something where i could get a decent buckethead tone or maybe have two opposites one rocking and another clean and calming. I was thinking about installing a floyd rose as the bridge is pretty sucky. Locking nut and tuners? A kill switch just for the giggles.
a killswitch is a pretty easy mod as long as you don't mind drilling into pickguard, or you install a korg kaos pad below the bridge, matt bellamy has one and it looks so cool
I'm currently working on collecting up the components to build my own amp, haven't got around to ordering them yet. What do you guys think of installing a floyd rose?