Hi guys.
I'd like to ask you about helping me decide on 2 guitars:
Epi LP Goldtop(with the p-90's) an an ESP LTD EC-401VF.
I play mainly alternative rock,punk,hard rock and a little grunge and punk.
I'd probably go with the Epi if that's what you're going to play. The P90s are great for punk and grunge. The LTD would be my choice if I was looking to play a wide variety. I've always liked the JB and the 59 just because of how versatile they are.

Can't go wrong with either.
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The ESP because those are killer guitars.

Thin necks and great quality and pickups.

Plus I just don't like Epi's. Necks are too fat and you're paying for the headstock, mostly.
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Ah okay given that either of those guitars are pretty good for your music genre's I would think it would come down to the playability of both models.

P-90's are the ****.
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I've played both of them.

The ESP wins hands down. It's just a much nicer guitar and sounds much more versatile too. It feels great, is nice and sturdy, and the JB/'59 pups will sound great when you're playing virtually anything.
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