I've tabbed the start of Trivium's "Kirisute Gomen" and found it has these notes, F#, G, A, B, C, D# and E. I thought I might be able to apply my minute knowledge of major/minor scale and figure it out but it's not one of them. Any one know what it is?
yea that doesnt match up with any major or minor scale so it could be like harmonic minor or one of those weird ones. or there could just be out of key notes in the start
E harmonic minor = E F# G A B C D# E

Its E natural minor with a raised 7th

Edit: how do you figure it out?

If you know your key sigs, then you'll know that you won't get an F# and a D# in a diatonic scale without a C# and a G# - so its not just your normal Major or minor. However, the closest is G Major, which has an F#

E natural minor is the relative minor to G major, and D# would be a raised 7th in E minor - hence harmonic minor

Dunno if that made any sense to you. Hopefully it did
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Yep sure. I understand it perfectly. Thanks man. That's what I've been leading up to so I probably should of understood how to do it beforehand.
It gets easier the more you do it. A lot of it is down to recognising what key notes fit into, and recognising what intervals may have been altered, which comes with practice.

Edit: having said that, there may well be a much more practical/logical way of working out a key/scale, but I don't know it lol
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you can mess around playing notes while the song is playing until you figure out what tonic (what key the song is in) and then you at least know which note the scale is based on and then order the other notes to figure out which type of scale it is.
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