I have an Ibanez rg with some work done to it, and soon i will have my hands on a parker fly mojo. I am looking for a head and cabinet for around $1500. I figure i can get them down to around $1000, great for my price range. I want really good cleans, maybe a little creamy, and excellent distortion. I play alot of metal, but i use my clean channel very frequently. I also have an alternative band. So i want to be able to go from mild to heavy distortion, and have good cleans. Preferably tube. Suggestions?
laney vh-100

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Laney Gh100L or VH100R

Orange Rocker Head/Combo

Marshall DSL401 with a Tubescreamer

Soldano (but most likely way out of your price range)

Edit: Ive played several Parker Flys through each of these amps and they all work amazingly well
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I'd say a dual channel dual rectifier
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